Monday, 7 May 2012

Life through my iphone

I love my iphone because I think it takes great pictures. I dont always have my camera with me when I'm out so its nice to be able to get some nice snaps with my phone. Here are some pictures from my phone over the last couple of weeks. 
 Foster pup. Look at those eyes! 
 He holds his leash when we walk.
 My beautiful ombre cake made by my mum
 Backyard lounging with kods

 Love this balloon! 
 My awesome pillow, gifted from KT
 Birthday flowers from friends
 Happy Hour
 New shoes

 My poor little apartment. gutted
 Italian lunch date with girls from school
 the lunch turned into impromptu tattoos...
 had to do the mirror shot
from out the window at the tattoo shop. Occupy Toronto 

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  1. Koda sends you love and kisses. Love the pics girl....especially the little starbucks cup.